1. When do you jump?

We jump Saturdays and Sundays only.  Typically open at 9 AM both days and shut down when we’re tired of jumping or the sun sets.

2.  Do you have age and weight requirements?

Yes.  The minimum age is 18 years old, no maximum for age.  The maximum weight is 220 lbs.

3. What should I wear?

Wear clothes comfortable for the weather and tennis shoes.  We are outside the entire time.  Shorts and a t-shirt are great for the summer, layers are preferable for the winter time.

4.  Is it cold up there?

Yes.  It is typically 20-30 degrees colder at jump altitude.  We supply a jumpsuit for the jump to help break the chill, along with protecting your clothes and body.

5.  Why don’t you have someone answer the phone during business hours Monday-Friday?

We operate as a part time drop zone, which is only on the weekends.  This is because all of our staff have normal (aka boring) jobs Monday-Friday, 8-5.  Due to that, we don’t have anyone to answer the phone during the weekday.  Feel free to call anytime and leave a voicemail.  We will try to return your call that evening or the next.  During the weekday, emailing us at ftspcstaf1@aol.com or sending a message to our Facebook page is the quickest way to get a hold of us.  On the weekends, we try to keep the phone with us, but sometimes we’re too busy jumping to answer.

6.  How far in advance do I need to make a reservation?

During the warmer months, we typically book 2-3 weeks in advance.

7.  Do I have to make a tandem skydive for my first jump?

No.  Most people do, but it’s not a requirement.  We’ll be glad to take you on either an Accelerated Free Fall jump or Static Line jump for your first skydive!

8. Can I bring spectators to watch the jump?

Yes, but we have limited space and parking.  Bringing a couple people to watch the jump is welcome, bringing 20+ of your closest friends and family members is hard to accommodate.  We ask that you don’t bring children or pets for safety reasons.  The Anderson Airport is an active airport.  Keeping an eye on children and pets can be very distracting to skydiving participants, especially staff members.